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September 2014 - Minutes

Present: Sylvester Howard, Lonnie Jackson, Misty Gonzales, Helen Rentch, Peggy Carter-Seal, Lauren Graves, Don Morton, Dan Brown

Guest: Brian Traugott, Mayor of Versailles

Minutes approved

Treasure’s Report: $3803.19

Correspondence: none

Old Business:

Fairness Ordinance: Dan reported. Sub-committee met and drafting plan

Food Pantry Fundraiser: Misty reported that Addie’s has agreed to donate 10% of proceeds on Oct. 2. She distributed posters and tickets for promotion. Commission members who are able will meet there at 5:30p.

Local Housing: Mayor Traugott spoke to the Commission, reporting that 21% of Versailles citizens are in poverty and 40% of housing is not owner occupied. Expressed concern that some are living in properties without essential provisions. Landlord/Tenant matters are his biggest source of citizens’ complaints. Versailles does not have an ordinance reflecting KRS Landlord and Tenant Act. Rental property is the biggest source of business liscenses. Members expressed interest in further pursuing this topic. Sylvester will follow-up.

Strategic Planning: Ed Klee will facilitate Planning Session on 10/2.

Twilight Festival: Don reported on festival as a positive event with many participants. Roots and Heritage will continue to assess and strengthen.

New Business:

High School: Kyle Fannin has invited the HRC to speak to his Community Action Class. This is a class of seniors. Helen will co-ordinate.

Facebook/Website: Misty will look into new options

Life Adventure Center would like to come talk with the Commission

Adjourned. Next meeting: Oct. 2, 2014

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