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November 2014 - Minutes

Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Human Rights Commission

Regular Meeting November 6, 2014


Present: Sylvester Howard, Misty Gonzales, Helen Rentch, Peggy Carter-Seal, Bill Phelps, Don Morton, Dan Brown

Absent: Lonnie Jackson, Lauren Graves, Don Morton

Guest: Ed Klee

*Ed Klee presented a summary of the Strategic Planning session on Oct. 2.

*Minutes from Sept 4 were approved

*Treasure’s Report: $3635.95 on hand.

Paid: Windstream bills: 9/30 $55.79 & 10/28 55.84

*Correspondence: none reported

*Old Business:

Fundraiser at Addie‘s 10/2: Check of $200 rec’d as well as $200 donation

Discussion: HRC will continue fundraising opportunities to support local charitable organizations consistent with our objectives such as Mentors and Meals, Life Adventure Camp, Watchdogs, Senior Citizens, etc.

*New Business:

A special election will be held at the next meeting because 2 current officers are rotating off the Commission and their seats need to be filled.


-Fairness Ordinance: Dan has worked on an Interlocal Agreement which would incorporate the suggested model of the KY HRC and components of other adopted ordinances. Bill Phelps will work with the subcommittee.

-Misty volunteered to join the Education Subcommittee.

-Misty brought suggestions for upgrading our website/social media presence. For $150 the website, email and phone could be combined. Will consider this for action at the Dec. meeting.

-Misty also informed us of a mini-grant opportunity through Trivent Financial Services. Decision to propose support for the Food Pantry by having HRC volunteers work with the Food Pantry on Dec. 18.

*Next meeting Dec. 4

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