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December 2014 Minutes

Present: Peggy Carter Seal, Bill Phelps, Dan Brown, Don Morton, Helen Rentch, Lauren Graves, Lonnie Jackson, Misty Gonzales

Absent: Sylvester Howard

Meeting was called to order by ViceChair Peggy Seal

Minutes approved

Treasure Report: Balance: $3580.12

Old Business:

As there will be new Commissioners coming to the January meeting it was decided to have a short swearing-in ceremony and reception immediately prior to the start of business and for that meeting to be Jan.8.

Dan reported for the Fairness Subcommittee which met 12/2. The next step will be to meet with the 2 Mayors and the Judge Ex for general discussion. Peggy agreed to open that meeting.

Following discussion, the decision was to elect officers at the January meeting per the By-laws. It was also decided that specific and structured training for the new Commissioners needs to be arranged.

New Business:

Applications have been solicited for new commissioners in the soon to be vacant 3 Woodford County positions. Judge Coyle will present his recommendations to the December meeting of the Fiscal Court.

Misty presented information on an option for a combined Website and Google talk phone which will transcribe and email messages. She has built a website which is ready to go. She will bring more information Jan. 8.

Peggy plans to go to the Jan. Fiscal Court to thank them for the opportunity of serving. We should begin to prepare request for $$ for the next budget.

She is also beginning to collect $$ for the next 2015 scholarship.

Meeting adjourned.

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