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Minutes: March 2015

Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Human Rights Commission

Minutes Regular meeting March 5, 2015

Present: Misty Gonzalez, chair, Donald Morton, Dan Brown, Gayle Franklin, Marilyn Daniel

Absent: Lonnie Jackson, Lauren Graves, Helen Rentch, Rev. Sheila Harris

Minutes approved

No Treasurer’s Report

Minutes from the 5 February 2015 Regular Meeting were approved on a motion by Gayle Franklin, Donald Morton, 2nd

No new Correspondence

Committee Reports

  • Education Comm – No meeting scheduled with Garrett Wells due to weather. Dan Brown nominated Rev. Harris chair of the Education Committee.

  • Criminal Justice – Gayle Franklin will chair the Criminal Justice Committee

  • Housing – No new business

  • Job Opportunities – Donald Morton shared details of an investigation he is conducting on the possible discrimination of minority candidates for employment at a local business. He will report more details next month.

  • Fairness – The Committee met with the Midway City Council Ordinance Cmte. Dan Brown shared an article from the 3/12/15 Woodford Sun. Marilyn Daniel has begun researching Title IX and its ramifications as related to the potential Ordinance. She will forward her findings to John C.K. Fisher, Field Supervisor, KY Human Rights Comm. Dan reported data detailing the potential number of complaints that might be filed. Chair Misty Gonzalez discussed sharing the Fairness Ord. Question/Answer sheet with the Midway Council. It was determined that the Commission will share the Q&A sheet after feedback from the Commissioners. Misty informed the Commission that the Woodford Co. Ministerial Association has met with Midway Mayor Vandergrift. Dan distributed a collection of Op/Ed pieces focused on the Fairness Ord. Misty proposed approaching the Woodford Co. Board of Education to ascertain, barring a Fairness Ordinance, their process of addressing issues of sexual identity discrimination. The Commission heard personal statements of support for the Ordinance from Woodford Co. High School student, Isaac Batts, The Reverend Melissa Sevier and retired public school teacher, Jerry Sevier.

Gayle Franklin had to leave, Misty Gonzalez proceeds with Minutes…

Budget proposal discussed. Subcommittee formed of Misty Gonzalez, Lauren Graves and Donald Morton. Discussion of additional funding for public hearing and rainy day.

Next Meeting: Thursday March 5, 2015 6:30 p.m.

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