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June 2015 Minutes

The Commission met in the community room of the Courthouse following training led by John CK Fisher, field staff for the Ky Human Rights Commission

Attending: Misty Gonzales, Daniel Brown, Marilyn Daniels, Lauren Graves, Rev Shelia Harris, Don Morton, Helen Rentch, John C K Fisher

Absent: Lonnie Jackson, Gayle Franklin

Meeting called to order by Chair Gonzales

Minutes approved: 1st Shelia Harris, 2nd Marilyn Daniels

Treasurer’s Report: Balance: $3044:26; No expenses this month

Approved; 1st Dan Brown, 2nd Marilyn Daniels

Correspondence: Misty followed-up on a call, a 2nd hand report of a church busing project children in for a meal but seating them separately from the members and their children; While we are not mandated with regard to private institutions, deliberately separating children on the basis of poverty may be considered discriminatory and harmful to the children; After discussion Misty will contact Judges’ office to explore appropriate follow-up

Old Business:

Committee Reports were heard;

Rev Harris will f/u on ‘closing the gap’ data in Woodford Co, esp testing results; will contact Garret Wells at the Superintendent’s office

Misty reported on a project at the jail which will help with re-entry of inmates and the possibility of a program on re-entry, with the Chamber of Commerce, was discussed

Marilyn Daniels summed up Fairness Committee’s sense that emails on personal computers are not ‘agency records’ and therefore not subject to the Open Records Act

New Business:

Discussion of Mayor Traugott’s request that we petition the Versailles City Council on a Fairness Ordinance in order to get the subject into public debate; We will take up this issue again in the fall;

Budget Proposal:

Current annual expenses: Windstream: $663:24, Google, email, phone & website: $159:96, Roots & Heritage event $500, MLK luncheon $210, business cards: $50

Total expenditures: $919:96

Various possibilities were discussed but no current plan of events exists and therefore no new proposal beyond current expenses will be presented for Fiscal YR 2015-2016; Finance Co will continue to look at this matter Twilight Festival will be 8/22/15, noon til 9p; We will purchase a booth and hope to be next to the Roots & Heritage booth; We will have a handout of our Q & A format on questions related to the Fairness Ordinance; Project 913; Chair Gonzales presented a project which she has proposed to the WC Ministerial Association for working with ‘Open Doors’ to establish a sister city relationship with a Bangui community experiencing persecution; On Sept 13 numerous activities/events would be sponsored in Woodford County to raise awareness and raise funds to support this community; We will consider a table to highlight human rights abuses; Meeting adjourned Next meeting: Thursday, July 5, 2015 at 6:30pm

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