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September 2015 Minutes

Present: Donald Morton, Lauren Graves, Helen Rentch, Dan Brown, Shelia Harris, Marilyn Daniel. Guest: Rev. Floyd Green

Absent: Misty Gonzales, Lonnie Jackson, Gayle Franklin

Meeting called to order by Vice Chair Donald Morton

Minutes were read, several spellings corrected and then approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance: $2909.11

Outstanding debt: $469.61 for bags, magnets and brochures for Twilight Festival

Correspondence: Request received from Sarah Byrd for support for a fundraising event of the (local chap. of the Tuskeege Airman) Funds to go for college scholarships. Rev. Green explained there is a surviving Airman in Versailles and the purpose of the organization is to keep the legacy alive of these first AfricanAmerican pilots in the US Military.

$50 approved for program ad to contain info from our new cards.

Dan reported on the Twilight Festival, considered a great success; he reviewed contacts and requests made at the booth. He also presented an inventory of all on-hand materials.

Motion approved to have a booth at the Midway Fall Festival, Sept.19 &20. D/T no further booth space available on Main we will set-up with the A.M.E. Church on Winter St. Dan and Don will again take charge.

Motion approved to spend no more than $500 on supplies for the booth.

Fairness Co. report by Dan: Committee members will attend the Oct. 6 meeting of the Versailles City Council to petition for an Ordinance. They will also attend the Oct.7 meeting of the Ministerial Association to seek dialogue on the issue.

Rev. Green was invited to speak. He requested to be on the agenda of our next meeting to present a proposal for a project aimed at Racial Reconciliation. It involves a 8 weeks series of dialogue with cost of $1500 and considered especially timely in light of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement impacting our community. D/t Mr. Wells coming in October he was scheduled to present at the November meeting.

Discussion of possible activities for Human Rights Day Dec.10. Donald will contact Crystal, counselor at the High School for an evening program involving the student and a breakout of small groups. Dan will seek refreshment donations (pizza, etc.). Discussion of issues to be discussed with Garret Wells during October meeting. Concerns will be forwarded to him. We will meet at 6:15p to allow full discussion. Discussion of action to take related to persisting absense of two Commissioners. Mr. Franklin has responded to inquiry that he does intend to become active. Mr. Jackson’s term will expire in December. Decision to take no action now. Next meeting: October 1, 2015, 6:15p Courthouse.

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