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November 2015 Minutes

Present: Misty Gonzales, Helen Rentch, Lauren Graves, Rev. Sheila Harris, Marilyn Daniel

Absent: Lonnie Jackson, Dan Brown, Don Morton, Gayle Franklin

Minutes read and approved

Finance report approved: $2,027.60 balance; Expenditures: $50.00 paper ad/Tuskegee Chapter; 0.19 interest

Correspondence: none

Rev. Floyd Green was unable to attend to present for a Reconciliation project, due to a pastoral conflict.

Education Co.: Discussion of issues related to education and minority populations led to a decision to invite Carmen

Wilcox, co-ordinator for Hispanic students, to talk with us about issues facing these students.

Fairness Ordinance Committee: reported that the Versailles City Council has taken up consideration of an Ordinance and that it has been assigned to Councilman Carl Ellis’s committee. He has commented that they will take time to consider the issue thoroughly. We will await their action. Commissioners Rentch and Daniel and Peggy Seal attended the WC Ministerial Association meeting on Nov. 4, to encourage dialogue about an Ordinance.

Resolved that due to repeated absences Commission Franklin should be encouraged to resign now and again volunteer when he is able to participate in the Commission.

Resolved that a full record of all minutes and documents should be kept in the Judge Executive’s Office and available for public view.

Resolved to request a presentation by Ed Dove on the issue of our responsibilities with regards to the Open Records Act.

As officers on the Commission are turning over it was resolved to have nominations for the new term at our December meeting and the election at the January meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting to be December 3, 2015 @6:30 p.m.

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