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October 2015 Minutes


Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Human Rights Commission

Regular meeting: October 1, 2015

Present: Misty Gonzales, Helen Rentch, Dan Brown, Donald Morton, Marilyn Daniel, Garet Wells

Absent: Lonnie Jackson, Lauren Graves, Gayle Franklin, Shelia Harris

Presentation by Garet Wells, Director of Student Services and Director of Human Resources for the Woodford County Schools.

Mr. Wells provided materials and data per the HRC request, including information on recruiting and hiring of minority staff, information r/t transgender students, statistics on enrollment, behavior events/discipline, homelessness, retention and dropout, as r/t race and income levels.

It was again noted that recruitment and hiring of minority faculty remains low and problematic. Figures were provided showing the low new certification of these groups by the state.

Additional information available on line at the KYSchoolsReportCard

Mr. Wells did not feel sufficiently informed to discuss the issue of Achievement Gap and recommended we invite the Chief Academic Officer. This is planned for the December meeting. Also noted Carmen Wilcox is the Hispanic co-ordinator and a new staff hired to assist with immigrant children.

Minutes approved

Treasure’s Report, provided later by email: balance $2077.41

2 expenditures: $469.61 & $362.60 for festival supplies and materials

Motion approved to pay $75 to St. Matthews A.M.E. for booth rental space.

Correspondence: No new

Don reported that he attended the Tuskegee Airman’s event

Dan and Marilyn were both in touch with individuals who made contact at the Twilight Festival.

Fairness Ordinance

Committee members Peggy Seal, Helen Rentch and Marilyn Daniel will attend and petition Versailles City Council for an Ordinance on Tuesday, Oct. 6. Packets are prepared for each council member. On Oct. 7 those members will also attend the Ministeral Association for discussion of the ordinance.

All HRCommission members are urged to attend.

Berea has asked permission to reproduce our brochure for their use and it was agreed this is fine. Misty will assist with needed changes.

Human Rights Day, Dec. 10

After discussion, resolved not to sponsor event at the High School this year but to consider proposal from Rev. Green as a potential activity.

Project 9/13

Misty gave a report on this event which was a new inititative and which was very successful, with 400 in attendance and $30,000 raised for the small African town in need. It featured support and attendance by several area churches, presentation by a Congolese refugee and discussion of Muslim/Christian reconciliation efforts in the village.

Chairmanship open

Misty indicated her plan to resign from the Chair as of January 2016 due to other commitments, but also remaining as a Commissioner.

Next meeting: November 3rd at 6:30p. Rev. Floyd Green will attend.

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