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February 2016 Minutes

Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Human Rights Commission

February 4, 2016 Minutes

Open Records Training Community Room, Courthouse 6:00 P.M.

Regular Meeting Community Room, Courthouse 6:30 P.M.

Present: Donald Morton, Marilyn Daniel, Dan Brown, Mary Raglin, Lauren Graves

Absent: Sheila Harris (recovering from surgery), Gayle Franklin

Ed Dove, advising attorney for the Fayette/Lexington Human Rights Commission, discussed and answered questions regarding the Open Records and Open Meetings Act.

The meeting was called to order.

Mary Raglin, the newly appointed Midway member, was welcomed.

Presentation by Rev. Greene

Rev. Greene, First Baptist Church, was welcomed. Rev. Greene told the Commission that he was not opposed to a Fairness Ordinance, but he was concerned that such an ordinance would violate a person’s constitutional right to due process. He understood that Title VII (federal law) gave the LGBT community protection from discrimination, and he feared that allowing a local government to address a complaint first would delay any remedy the person could get from the final decision-makers. Several members of the Commission responded that, though Title VII prohibited discrimination based on sex, it provided no remember for those discriminated on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. A discussion followed about the difference between discrimination based on sex and discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Commission members explained that right now no person in Woodford County was protected from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, unless the discriminatory action occurred in Midway. The Commission is trying to extend that protection to everyone in Woodford County. Rev. Greene recommended that the commission seek sufficient funding to be a strong enforcement agency. He suggested we might make contact with Bluegrass ADD for support and offered to make initial contact with that agency. He also offered to be of service in any way possible to support the Human Rights Commission.

Approval of Minutes

December 3, 2015 minutes approved.

January 7, 2016 minutes approved with corrections.

Comments/Questions from Members of the Public: None

Election of 2016 Officers

A discussion was held regarding the nominated slate of 2016 officers noted in the December 3, 2015 minutes. By acclamation and uncontested, the following were elected: Donald Morton (Chair), Marilyn Daniel (Vice Chair), Dan Brown (Secretary), Lauren Graves (Treasurer).

Treasurer’s Report

Balance of $1,733.08

Expenditures: $220.00 for the Martin Luther King Breakfast and Advertisement

Income: $0.17

Correspondence: None

Reports from 2015 Committees: None

Committee Assignments for 2016

A discussion of the committees resulted in the following assignments and designations:

Criminal Justice: Inactive

Job Opportunities: Inactive

Fairness Ordinance: Marilyn Daniel, Helen Rentch, Peggy Carter Seal, Dan Brown

Education: Helen Rentch, Peggy Carter Seal, Sheila Harris, Dan Brown, Lauren Graves

No new committees were proposed or established. However, Marilyn Daniel volunteered to do research in the by-laws to determine if only former HRC members and/or general public can serve on committees.

Discussion of Members’ Terms of Service

Dan Brown volunteered to contact Judge Coyle about Gayle Franklin’s resignation and replacement appointment. It was also noted that Donald Morton and Dan Brown’s term of service expires in October of this year and Dan will also remind Judge Coyle of these upcoming appointments.

Marilyn Daniel and Dan Brown volunteered to meet with Mayor Brian Traugott in order to discuss and explore the Versailles appointments and length of terms according to the HRC by-laws.

Old Business:

Dan Brown volunteered to gather some preliminary ideas regarding a 0 – 3 year old community book program to present at the March meeting which was suggested by Woodford County Superintendent Scott Hawkins at our January meeting.

Carmen Wilcox, Woodford County ESL Coordinator, will be unable to attend our March HRC meeting. However, she is available for our April meeting. Lauren Graves volunteered to gather specific questions from the Commission to help guide her presentation.

The members who attended the January 18, 2016 MLK Breakfast gave a brief summary of the inspirational event. The following were in attendance: Donald Morton, Dan Brown, Helen Rentch, Peggy Carter Seal, Sylvester Howard and Tamia Jackson (scholarship winner). A photograph of the group was submitted by Dan Brown to the Woodford Sun and the photo appeared in the newspaper.

Dan Brown read the scholarship report submitted by Peggy Carter Seal indicating in response to the MLK Breakfast scholarship speeches by Peggy and Tamia. We have received $918.00 to go towards the scholarship. $318.00 came from the First Baptist Church, with the remainder coming from individuals.

New Business:

Marilyn Daniel pointed out that there appears to be discrepancies between the Interlocal Agreement establishing the HRC and the existing By-Laws. Marilyn and Mary Raglin volunteered to meet and explore the two documents and make a list of suggested changes to present to the Commission.

Dan Brown distributed copies of the correspondence from Ellington King about Safe Zoning Training sent by Helen Rentch. After some discussion, it was suggested that we invite Ellington King to an upcoming meeting in order to make a 15 minute or less presentation about the training. Dan volunteered to make the contact with Ellington King.

The HRC website 2016 renewal fee is $163.75. Misty Gonzalez, former HRC member, manages the website and has already paid the renewal fee. A motion was made and passed to reimburse Misty for the website renewal.

The importance of beginning work on a 2016 budget early in the year was discussed. Lauren suggested we create a budget with specific needs listed. Lauren volunteered to gather and compile suggestions for the budget to present at our next meeting.

As suggested by Ed Dove during his Open Records Act training with the Commission, the establishment of a Custodian of Records was discussed. Marilyn Daniel, Mary Raglin, and Dan Brown volunteered to meet and begin the process of cleaning out and organizing the HRC filing cabinet in Judge Coyle’s office.

Motion to Adjourn

Next meeting will be held at 6:30 P.M., Thursday, March 3, 2016 in the Fiscal Courtroom

Respectfully submitted,

Dan Brown, Secretary

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