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May 2016 Minutes

Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Human Rights Commission (HRC)

May 5, 2016 Minutes

Regular Meeting Fiscal Courtroom, Courthouse 6:30 P.M.

Present: Marilyn Daniel, Dan Brown, Donald Morton, Mary Raglin, Tony Wilhoit, Sherry Brown

Absent: Lauren Grave (ill), Sheila Harris (ill)

The meeting was called to order by Donald Morton, Chairperson. The Commission welcomed Sherry Brown, the new Woodford County appointee.

Ellington King made a brief presentation regarding Safe Zone Training proposal. King discussed why she believes the Safe Zone Training is needed. The Commission asked several questions regarding the program and need for the program. Daniel suggested we draft a response letter addressed to Principal Akers and for King to use in conjunction with her proposal. Daniel will send the letter to the Commission for feedback prior to finalizing the letter. Morton and Brown made motions. Motion passed.

Kenneth Winkfield presented information about the work of the Roots and Heritage Committee and the long-standing relationship of the HRC with the Roots and Heritage Committee. The purpose of his presentation was to inform the Commission of the kind of cultural community work in which the Roots and Heritage Committee engages.

Approval of Minutes

Daniel and Raglin made motions to approve the 4-7-16 minutes. Motion passed.

Comments/Questions from Members of the Public: None

Treasurer’s Report

Balance of $1,569.46

Expenditures: $4.19 (Google)

Income: $0.15

2016 Budget Draft Update was presented by Brown as given to him by Graves prior to the meeting. After discussion, it was decided to take out the Community Book program and place it below the budget with an explanation. Daniel volunteered to structure the budget with a few more details. Raglin volunteered to write a cover letter and find out when to approach Midway, Versailles, and Woodford County governments. WIlhoit volunteered to go to one of the meetings.

Reports from Committees:

Fairness Ordinance Committee: Daniel gave a brief update regarding the recent Versailles Ordinance Committee (Ellis, Miller, Bradley) Meeting. Helen Rentch, Peggy Carter Seal, Dan Brown, and Marilyn Daniel attended the meeting. The Committee had invited John C. K. Fisher, KY Human Rights Commission Field Supervisor, to speak. In addition, Fisher brought Chad Stratton from the Kentucky Human Rights Commission. Councilperson Ellis noted that he will take the proposed amended Interlocal Agreement to the Versailles City Council on May 17, 2016. Ellis noted if all three (Versailles, Midway, Woodford County) governing bodies approve the amended Interlocal Agreement that Ellis would then bring a draft Fairness Ordinance to the Versailles City Council.

During the April 2016 meeting, Brown and Wilhoit volunteered to speak with Mayor Vandergrift and Judge Coyle regarding the proposed changes to the Interlocal Agreement. Brown presented Mayor Vandergrift’s response (see attachment) and Wilhoit presented Judge Coyle’s response. Some of the Fiscal Court wants to wait and see what Versailles City Council does with the proposed amended Interlocal Agreement.

Daniel gave an update regarding her conversation with Bill Quigg, More Than a Bakery, sexual orientation and gender identity policies. Quigg noted that the company policies are not currently established. Quigg does want to know more about the HRC. Daniel volunteered to maintain contact with Quigg.

Old Business:

Book Program: Brown noted that Christy Crouse, Imagination Library Regional Coordinator, had not responded to the Commission’s questions. But, Brown had made contact and she will respond before our June 2, 2016 meeting. Brown will forward answers to the HRC questions regarding the Imagination Library and Memorandum of Agreement.

Review of By-Laws: Discussion and review was tabled until the June 2, 2016 HRC meeting.

Terms of Versailles member/new appointments: A HRC roster is being developed with contact information and terms of service for each Commissioner. Brown will contact Judge Coyle to determine if Coyle is available to swear in newly appointed Commissioners before the June 2 meeting. Raglin volunteered to secure a small gift for Misty Gonzalez and Helen Rentch, outgoing Commissioners, as a thank you for their dedication and service.

Organization and culling of agency records: Daniel, Raglin and Brown were able to meeting one afternoon in order to cull and organize the HRC records and archives. Brown noted that the team discovered the HRC 2005-2007 minutes are lacking. Brown contacted Helen Rentch, sister of DeeDee Roach, in order to see if Roach might know who was secretary during these years. Roach said she thought Geraldine Brown was secretary. Morton volunteered to contact Geraldine Brown and Brown will reach out again to Roach in order to see if she has other thoughts about 2005-2007 records. Brown also noted that all currently approved 2016 minutes and attached documents are now filed in the Courthouse HRC filing cabinet.

New Business:

Update and Management of agency website: Brown reported the minutes posted on the website are current. Brown pointed out the need for the list of current Commissioners and Commission officers to be updated. Brown was asked to submit the new roster to Misty Gonzalez. Thanks to Gonzalez for continuing to support us with technology.

2016-2017 HRC Calendar Draft: Daniel shared copies of the calendar draft and a few additions/deletions were made.

Next meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 2, 2016 in the Community Room of the Courthouse. Judge Coyle will be present to swear in newly appointed Commissioners. Helen Rentch and Misty Gonzalez will be invited to attend in order for the Commission to present a small token of our appreciation for past service. A light supper will be served.

Respectfully submitted, Dan Brown, Secretary

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