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April 2016 - Minutes

Regular Meeting Fiscal Courtroom, Courthouse 6:30 P.M.

Present: Marilyn Daniel, Dan Brown, Lauren Graves, Donald Morton, Mary Raglin, Sheila Harris, Tony Wilhoit

The meeting was called to order by Donald Morton, Chairperson. The Commission welcomed Tony Wilhoit , the new Woodford County appointee. Wilhoit gave a brief history of his life in Woodford County and his work experiences.

Approval of Minutes

Daniel and Graves made motions to approve the 3-3-16 minutes. Motion passed.

Brown noted he has submitted a digital copy of the November 2015 meeting minutes for posting. Brown checked the HRC website right before the meeting and the November 2015 minutes have not yet been posted. He will resubmit them along with the approved March minutes.

Brown noted he received notice that a free Fair Housing Training is to be held in Bowling Green on Thursday, April 14, 2016 at The National Corvette Museum by The Lexington Fair Housing Council. See Brown for registration details.

Brown asked for copies of appointment letters from Wilhoit, Raglin, and Graves (extension of service appointment). The copies will be kept on file.

Brown asked for permission to purchase a printer cartridge and a ream of paper which should not total more than $20. The request was granted and Brown will submit the receipt at the May 5, 2016 meeting.

Comments/Questions from Members of the Public: None

Treasurer’s Report

Balance of $1,570.04

Expenditures: None

Income: $0.12

2016 Budget Draft Update was presented by Graves. Graves asked new members and members not present at the March meeting for any suggestions. Graves will send a budget draft through email for consensus and bring the budget for approval to the May 5, 2016 meeting.

Reports from Committees:

Fairness Ordinance Committee: Daniel gave a status report of Senate Bill 180. Daniel briefly reviewed the intent of the bill and noted that Senate Bill 180 did pass the Senate on March 15. However, the bill died on March 16 in House Committee.

Brown gave a summary of the March 15 Versailles City Council Ordinance Committee meeting. Peggy Carter Seal attended the meeting with Brown. Daniel summarized the suggested amendments to the Interlocal Agreement. Discussion followed. Brown will meet with Mayor Vandergrift to discuss his response and Wilhoit will meet with Judge Coyle to discuss his response. Coyle and Vandergrift’s responses to the suggested amendments will be brought to the May 5, 2016 meeting for discussion. Daniel volunteered to draft a letter notifying the Versailles City Council of our planned contact with Coyle and Vandergrift. Daniel will send the draft letter to the V-M-W HRC through email for suggestions.

It was also noted that during the Versailles Ordinance Committee meeting, Council Member Ann Miller posed the question: Why hasn’t the state passed a Fairness Ordinance? Daniel presented a draft response followed by discussion. Daniel noted the suggested changes and will send a revised draft to the Commission for their approval.

The letter to the Versailles City Council and the response to Council Member Ann Miller will be sent together to the Versailles City Council through Council Member Carl Ellis, Chairperson of the Ordinance Committee.

Graves suggested we also reach out to Midway and become more visible in the Midway community. Discussion followed and Brown volunteered to discuss the topic with Vandergrift. Brown was also asked to discuss the possibility of holding the HRC monthly meeting in Midway twice a year including the logistics of a meeting place and community notification.

Old Business:

Book Program: Brown briefly reviewed information about the book program, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, which serves 0 – 5 year olds. Brown reviewed the projected costs and questions. Brown noted that he is waiting on the organization to contact him in order to answer the questions. Harris gave a positive account of her experience with the program. Brown will re-contact the organization next week in order to discuss the list of generated questions.

Review of By-Laws: Daniel noted the existing HRC By-Laws and the Interlocal Agreement were incongruous. Daniel also noted there were a few necessary changes of wording in order to keep the By-Laws up to date and current with existing laws. Daniel presented a draft of the suggested revised By-Laws. Discussion followed and a few additional changes were noted. Daniel will re-send the draft of the amended By-Laws and the Commission will vote on the draft during our May meeting.

Safe Zone Training status: Brown made contact with Ellington King and she will attend the May HRC meeting to present regarding the Safe Zone Training at 6:30 p.m. Ms. King was asked to keep her presentation to approximately 15 minutes.

Roots and Heritage Festival Inc. Committee: Brown made contact with Kenneth Winkfield, Roots and Heritage, and asked him to make a brief presentation regarding the work of the Roots and Heritage. Mr. Winkfied will attend the May HRC meeting to make a brief presentation at 6:45 p.m. Mr. Winkfield was asked to keep his presentation to approximately 15 minutes.

Terms of Versailles member/new appointments: Brown noted that Sherry Brown appeared on the 4/6/16 Versailles City Council agenda for approval of her appointment to the HRC. Also, Brown noted that the 1 year extension of Graves’ service was on the 4/6/16 agenda. Brown attempted contact with Mayor Traugott regarding the appointments on 4/7/16, but did not hear back from him before the meeting. Brown will follow up and contact Sherry Brown in order to welcome her to the Commission and regarding our May 5, 2016 meeting if appropriate.

Organization and culling of agency records: Daniel, Raglin and Brown will attempt to meet in April to begin this process.

New Business:

2016-2017 HRC Calendar Draft: Daniel created a draft of a calendar for the HRC of upcoming events and important dates.

Motion to Adjourn: Graves made a motion to adjourn.

Next meeting will be held at 6:30 P.M., Thursday, May 5, 2016 in the Fiscal Courtroom. Ellington King will present at 6:30 p.m. on the Safe Zone Training proposal and Kenneth Winkfield will present regarding the work of the Roots and Heritage Festival Inc. Committee.

Respectfully submitted, Dan Brown, Secretary

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