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June 2016 Minutes

Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Human Rights Commission (HRC)

June 2, 2016 Minutes

Regular Meeting Community Room, Woodford County Courthouse 6:00 P.M.

Present: Marilyn Daniel, Dan Brown, Donald Morton, Tony Wilhoit, Sherry Brown, Angelica Muniz, Sheila Harris, Lauren Graves

Absent: Mary Raglin (death in her family)

At 6:00 P.M., Judge Coyle swore-in Tony Wilhoit, Sherry Brown, and Angelica Muniz. A light supper was enjoyed by the group. Judge Coyle noted that Raglin could be sworn in in his office at a later date.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 P.M. by Donald Morton, Chairperson. The Commission welcomed Angelica Muniz, the new Versailles appointee.

Approval of Minutes

Daniel and Harris made motions to approve the 5-5-16 minutes. Motion passed. D. Brown updated the Commission on the website postings and open records archives.

Comments/Questions from Members of the Public: None

Treasurer’s Report

Balance of $1,536.52

Expenditures: $4.83 (Google)

$24.77 (Secretarial Supplies)

Income: $0.12

Graves noted that in the future our budgets need to be submitted the first of March to Versailles, Midway, and Woodford Fiscal Court. Lauren will submit current budget to the three government bodies with a cover letter as soon as possible.

Reports from Committees:

Education (Scholarship Committee): Peggy Carter Seal presented a scholarship report noting that over $1000.00 was collected towards the scholarship after the Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast. Seal encouraged all Commissioners who wish to make a donation to the scholarship fund to do so as soon as possible. Seal noted the Scholarship Committee had selected Maria Herrera for this year’s scholarship and, hopefully, Tamia Jackson can also be funded again.

Fairness Ordinance Committee: Daniel gave a brief history regarding the Fairness Ordinance for newly appointed Commissioners and an update. Daniel noted at the last Versailles City Council Meeting that the proposed amended changes to the Interlocal Agreement did not pass (4-2). Councilperson Carl Ellis stated in the past that if the amended Interlocal Agreement did not pass, then, he would not move forward with a Fairness Ordinance. The Fairness Ordinance Committee recommends waiting until the end of 2016 and after elections to assess next steps. Discussion followed. Fairness Ordinance Committee will meet again at the end of the year.

Old Business:

Book Program: D. Brown presented answers to the Commission’s questions from Christy Crouse, Imagination Library Regional Coordinator. D. Brown asked several Commissioners to review the Memorandum of Agreement noting that the Agreement was only for one year and the approximate cost to fund 100 children with the book program was $2,500.00. Several funding options were discussed. D. Brown noted the need to require hard data from Woodford County Board of Education to focus the start-up program on Simmon’s Elementary geographical service area and will contact the Woodford County Chief Academic Officer for this information. It was also noted that a letter of support from Scott Hawkins, Woodford County Superintendent, regarding the HRC’s efforts would be helpful. D. Brown volunteered to make this contact. D. Brown will also be in touch with Christy Crouse to inform her of our continued interest and discussion.

Letter to Mr. Akers on Safe Zone Training Proposal: Morton is signing and sending the letter to Mr. Akers. Daniel mailed letters to Ellington King and Ms. Schwarz, Gay Straight Alliance sponsor at the Woodford County High School.

Review of By-Laws: Discussion and review was tabled until the August 4, 2016 HRC meeting.

New Business:

Update and Management of agency website: Discussion was tabled until the August 4, 2016 HRC meeting.

2016-2017 HRC Calendar Draft: Daniel shared copies of the calendar draft and a few additions/deletions were made.

Twilight Festival 2016: The Twilight Festival will be held on Saturday, August 13, 2016. Harris and Daniel made motion to approve up to $600.00 for public relations materials for both the Twilight Festival and the September 17-18, 2016 Midway Fall Festival. Motion approved. Muniz will handle ordering materials and creating a HRC Information Card. Muniz will email a draft of the card to Commissioners for approval. Muniz will be reimbursed for the order as soon as possible. Daniel and Harris made motion to approve $75.00 Twilight Festival fee. Motion passed. Graves will submit the Twilight Festival application with $75.00 fee.

Woodford County ESL Program: Discussion was held regarding canceled presentation by Carmen Wilcox, Woodford County Schools. Graves volunteered to contact Carmen Wilcox and ask who she would recommend to make such a presentation to the Commission for discussion at August 4, 2016 meeting.

Gay Straight Alliance/Woodford County High School: D. Brown presented the idea of possibly attending the Gay Straight Alliance meetings during the upcoming 2016-2017 school year to serve as a contact between the two organizations. The Commission gave permission for D. Brown to make contact with Amy Schwarz, WHS sponsor, regarding his attendance and representation of the Commission at the meetings.

Next meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 4, 2016 in the Midway City Hall. Notification of the meeting location change will be submitted to The Woodford Sun and posted on the Woodford County Courthouse.

Respectfully submitted, Dan Brown, Secretary

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