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October 2016 Minutes

Versailles – Midway – Woodford County

Woodford County Courthouse, Versailles

Human Rights Commission

Minutes from October 6, 2016

Regular Meeting

Present: Marilyn Daniel, Donald Morton, Sherry Brown, Sheila Harris

Absent: Dan Brown, Tony Wilhoit, Angelica Muniz, Mary Raglin

The meeting was called to order at 6:35pm by chairperson, Donald Morton. We did not have a quorum to conduct business but held open discussion on several issues, that were on the agenda. We recognized Duncan Baker, and Nancy Loman, who came had connected the commission with concerns about her son who attends Woodford CO. High School.

Ms. Loman was given the opportunity to express her concern and frustrations about the issue at Woodford County High School. According to Ms. Loman her son is in the 9th grade, plays freshman football, some learning disabilities, and a medical condition which causes him to have seizures. Apparently the incident took place on Sept 26, in the boys locker room, which was unsupervised by an adult at that time. According to her report, her son was placed in a locked by another player, locked with a combination which no one knew the combination to unlock. After about 30 minutes the coaches were able to get her son out of the locker by using bow cutters. The student that placed him in the locker, was apparently sent home, and later on a four day suspense. Ms. Loman stated that they placed her son on the bus, sending him to the game at Falling Springs, and she picked him up there.

Ms. Loman remained concerned and upset about her son because he will not talk with she or his father or anyone about the situation. We suggested that she seek counseling for him, and also file a police report.

After hearing the information the commission felt that perhaps the situation could have been dealt with in a different way:

  1. No adult in locker room was an issue

  2. Parents should have been called immediately –not 30-45 minutes later

  3. Called EMS – police for cutters

  4. Bully was sent home, which should have not taken place

  5. Victim placed on bus to game, this should not have take place due to medical reasons

A meeting will be schedule to meet with Mr. Hawkins, Super of Schools

All issues were done by common consent:

HRC Technology – Misty Gonzalez – called at 6:33p, to inform us that she would not be able to attend, to review the issues of the web page, email, phone. Misty stated she could develop a step by step booklet for us to follow.

Marilyn reviewed information that was covered in a small group with Misty.

The cost of the website is $99.00 yearly; the .com is $38.85 yearly (for 3 years). We can use, POBox 101;;

Google was translate the voicemail into emails.

Treasurer’s Report: no financial report. Annette was absent due to death in her family. Donald stated he would contact her to go to bank to sign new signature cards. Donald was able to notarize Marliyn’s signature.

Committee Reports:

Fairness Committee – review of the letter written to Anne Miller

Education Committee – no report

Old and New Business Approved by Common Consent:

  1. Seek assistance from United Way for the Dolly Parton Book Program –Yes

  2. Dan to attend Equality Training at Woodford Co. HS – Yes

  3. Order of additional Fairness Ordinance Brochures -additional ones are need for the October meeting GSA monthly meeting - information was sent to Annette by Dan to order, request that the order be sent to Dan’s home –Yes

  4. Still waiting to hear from the judge on the re-appointment of Dan and Donald

Meeting Adjourn at 7:45p

Next Meeting 6:30pm, Thursday, Nov 3, 2016

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