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August 2019

Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Human Rights Commission

Woodford County Fiscal Courtroom - Woodford County Courthouse

Minutes of meeting

August 1, 2019

The Regular Bi-Monthly Meeting of the Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Human Rights Commission, held August 1, 2019, was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Commission Chairperson Mary Nehring.

Commission members present were: Dan Brown, Jorge Espinoza, Kyle Fannin, Darlene Jackson, Tim Middleton, Mary Nehring, and Elizabeth Turley.

Commission member absent was Mary Raglin

Visitor: Cindy Batts

Approval of Agenda: Motion was made by Dan Brown and seconded by Kyle Fannin for approval of the agenda as presented. The motion passed.

Comments/Questions from Members of the Public: A reporter from the Woodford Sun was present and asked generalized questions about the Commission's history and work of the Commission. Photos were also taken for an article to be in the Woodford Sun.

Approval of Minutes: Motion was made by Tim Middleton and seconded by Darlene Jackson for approval of the minutes, with corrections, of the April 11, 2019, Commission Meeting. The motion passed.

Treasurer's Report: The Commission's Treasurer's Report was distributed by Kyle Fannin. There is a balance in the checking account of $2,203.16, which included $200.00 from the city of Versailles and $500 from the City of Midway. The County's contribution is forthcoming. There is a balance in the Imagination Library account of $3,211.58. The total funds for the WCHRC is $5,414.74. Kyle reported that the Commission now has a new debit card and Mary Nehring's name needs to be added to the checking account.

Motion for acceptance of the Treasurer's Report as presented was made by Dan Brown and seconded by Tim Middleton. The motion passed.

Old Business:

  • Twilight Festival: The Commission's booth will be set up in front of Spark Café. The booth fee needs to be paid for, which was advanced by Spark Café. Motion was made by Mary Nehring and seconded by Dan Brown to reimburse Spark for the Commission's booth fee.

  • Brochure: Changes have been made and the brochure is ready to print. 500 color brochures can be printed at a cost of $172.00. Following a brief discussion, motion was made by Mary Nehring and seconded by Tim Middleton to have 250 colored brochures printed.

  • Funding from Versailles, Midway, and Woodford County: Funding has been received from Versailles and Midway, the county is forthcoming shortly.

  • Storage of Then, Brochures & Materials: Dan Brown stated that he has been storing the Commission's material in his garage; however, with his term ending soon, they need to be stored in the Judge's closet, seek a storage space in the Courthouse, or Elizabeth Turley will see if her office has a spot.

  • Updated Roster: Secretary Mary Raglin is updating.

New Business:

  • Fairness Ordinance: Dan Brown noted for the record that the Woodford County School Board amended their policies and procedures in the Staff Handbook to include the LGBTQ Community. Dan suggested that the Commission draft a letter of thanks to the School Board or write an open letter to the Woodford Sun. He volunteered to draft the letter. Motion was made by Mary Nehring and seconded by Tim Middleton to draft the letter of thanks to the School Board.

  • The Versailles City Council passed the first reading of the Fairness Ordinance and will hold a public hearing on the Fairness Ordinance on Tuesday, August 6 and 6:30 in the Courthouse Annex. Motion was made by Mary Nehring and seconded by Kyle Fannin to have Dan speak on behalf of the HRC and Commission members who are able to attend were invited to join him at the podium.

  • Need New Versailles Member: Recommendations have been made for Cindy Batts to replace Dan. Tristen Ferrell has also been recommended.

Next Meeting: October 3, 2019, 6:30 p.m., Woodford County Fiscal Courtroom

The motion for adjournment was made by Elizabeth Turley and seconded by Tim Middleton. The motion passed.

Respectfully submitted

Darlene K. Jackson

Acting Secretary

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