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February 2, 2023

Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Human Rights Commission

Woodford County Fiscal Court-Woodford County Courthouse

Minutes of Meeting

February 2, 2023

The regular bi-monthly meeting of the Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Human Rights Commission, held on February 2, was called to order at 6:32 by Commission Chairperson Tim Middleton.

Commission members present: Cindy Batts, Tim Middleton, Chris Wright, Jorge Espinoza, Wendall Shipp, and Joann Muir

Commission members absent: Elizabeth Turley, and Ronnie Smith

Comments/Questions from members of the public: None

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Will approve October minutes via phone vote ASAP as minutes were not available at this meeting

TREASURER’S REPORT: There is approximately $2900 in the bank.

Motion was made by Wendall and seconded by Chris to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. Motion passed.

Chris made a motion that anyone that leaves the Commission will receive a $25 gift card in appreciation for their service. Wendall seconded this motion. Discussion: this is so that we do not have to vote on it every time someone leaves. A motion will be needed if we decide to increase the amount at some point. Motion passed.


Voted in new officers.

Tim Middleton – Chair

Chris Wright – Vice Chair

Cindy Batts – Secretary

Elizabeth Turley – Treasurer

Chris moved to approve this slate of officers; Jorge seconded it. Motion passed.

Welcomed new member Wendall Shipp (appointed 11/15/23; Expires 11/31/25). Will welcome Ronnie Smith at next meeting as he was not here for this meeting.

Telephone update: It is unsure what is going on with the Google phone at this time, but it does not work. Tim has gotten a new phone through Webex and it works, but does not currently take messages or will not let Tim access them. He is working with someone on this and will let us know when it works. The new phone number will be (859) 251-6960. Once it has been verified that the messages work, the Commission will seek to print new cards, magnets and handbills (1/2 sheets) with the new information. It was also suggested that we intentionally have it mentioned in the greeting that we are able to handle Spanish messages. Will possibly put an add in the Woodford Sun about the Commission once the new number is settled. Will vote on all of these by phone or at next meeting depending on when the messaging system becomes accessible.

As February is black history month, and the Commission has helped to sponsor the banners, it was requested that some or all of the Commissioners attend an event at the Versailles Library (6 pm Thursday February 23) to commemorate this endeavor.


The Woodford County school board is having discussions about trans children at the high school and their use of bathrooms. It was discussed whether or not the Commissioners should make a statement about this. It was decided that, in absence of a law about it, and as the Commission does not have direct jurisdiction in the school system, we will not have any comment at this time. If someone approaches the Commission, we will discuss this further at that time.

Discussed the possibility of purchasing an ink stamp with the Commission’s name and phone number (English and Spanish) so that we can stamp any books or such that the Commission gives away.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday April 6, at the MUST building

Motion for adjournment was made by Cindy and seconded by Wendall. Motion passed.

Addendum: October minutes passed by proxy vote on 2/7/23 Jorge made the motion and Cindy seconded it.

Respectfully submitted,

Cindy Batts


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